Lew provides advice on consulting, career management, project managing and mentoring in his weekly blog.

Project Management 101

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The Reluctant Mentor

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Consulting 101

Lew provides advice on consulting and career management in his weekly Consulting 101 blog.

Lew's project management  Blog

Consulting 101 provides you with 101 useful tips to optimize your professional performance and jump-start your consulting career for success.

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In this fictional account of Stewart  Bicycle Manufacturing, Lew and Jeff Porter explore the working relationship between a successful baby boomer business owner and his Generation Y employee.

This business novel takes place when two companies merge. Follow Holly Hewitt as she learns 101 project management tips while leading a project to merge the IT applications of the two companies.


Lew Sauder is the author of Consulting 101Project Management 101, and co-author, with Jeff Porter, of The Reluctant Mentor.  

He has been a consultant with top-tier and boutique consulting firms for over twenty years. He has also served outside of consulting as a client manager where he sat on the other side of the desk, hiring and managing consulting firms.